Children of Honduras

Here is a piece for the New York Times letter section about the crisis of the migrant children of Honduras; it ran last Saturday. 
Below are 2 rejected sketches that I was also fond of.


GQ hot dogs

                                                         I drew a bunch of Hot Dogs for GQ.com !


Dime Bag 4

Untitled Untitled

Two pieces I have in Dime Bag 4, a group show curated by Jordin Isip,
 at The End is Near (465 7th Ave. / Brooklyn, NY 11215)
Opening Reception: Thursday, July 3rd, 8:00-10:00 pm

menos 30


I was recently invited to be a part of a collective exhibition at GalerĂ­a Vertigo, in Mexico D.F.
 The show is called Menos 30 and it s a project that will take place once a year 
to showcase the work of Mexican illustrators that are under 30 years old. 
I was excited to be in a show in my hometown. The work was great and very diverse, 
it will be up until August. The gallery released a very nicely edited publication with 
drawings and texts about "the new generation of illustrators". 
For more info about the show and the project got to menos30.com


This is my yoga spread!


and the lady on the left is a drawing based on a woman i saw last december in Florida.


My favorite drawing was this one above by artist Luis Safa.


NYT Letters

nyt letters section

A recent spot illustration for the NYT Letters section about the difficulties of finding a good job after graduation. AD: Nathan Huang


Nude Pattern

A new pattern i made. I thought it would be better to wear it in black and white.
 You can order these dream leggings at PRINT ALL OVER ME.



Portada Frente MX
My work for the publication Frente, which is a biweekly newspaper in Mexico City. The main article of the issue was about Mexican women filmmakers. I got to draw portraits of 4 notable directors, and the full spread that is below. This is my first cover! quite exciting. 
Temporada de Directoras


Sometimes Shop

sometimes shop

I'm so excited about this. Monica, Leah, Masuko, Kaye, Gina and myself are doing a pop-up shop in Greenpoint with our ceramics, jewelry and quilts. We hope to see you there!